"The best thing out there"

Cue sound of blowing one’s own trumpet. The first “Customer Reviews” on Amazon USA for the Gödel book have just appeared. And there is a quite terrific one by Jon Cogburn of LSU at Baton Rouge. Very cheering indeed! (Though it is also another spur to get going with developing the online sets of exercises that I’ve been meaning to put together.)

4 thoughts on “"The best thing out there"”

  1. Good heavens, what an idiotic book. You don’t mention Garciadiego’s book on Russell even once. You ignore Ferreiros’ work on Cantor.

    And you’re are still stupid enough to refer to the Liar paradox and Russell’s paradox as if these are paradoxes!

    You should quit your job. You are incompetent to write about Godel until you understand natural mathematics and its role in set theory. What a clown!

    Indeed, we know enough now about Godel’s ineptness, bad scholarship, ambition and general duplicity, to be able to say that those who argue that there is logical content in Godel’s theorems, are not only arguing against the logic, but are also arguing in bad faith. Dreadful.

    You are a self-satisfied, pompous old ass.

    Ryskamp, John Henry, “Paradox, Natural Mathematics, Relativity and Twentieth-Century Ideas” (May 19, 2007). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=897085

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