Three cheers for the CUP bookshop sale

Ah, it is that time of year again: so off to gather up some absolute bargains at the CUP bookshop sale. Notionally, they are flogging off ‘damaged’ books: but the Press has a remarkably idealized view of what counts as damaged (indeed, in many cases, the only perceptible damage is produced by a large red “DAMAGED” stamped on the title page). My best buy today: I picked up a copy of Aczel/Simmons/Wainer’s Proof Theory for a tenth of the list price — ok, a paperback is in fact due next month, but that’s still an amazing saving.

I also got the volume on Paul Churchland in the ‘Contemporary Philosophy in Focus’ series, which looks fun. And just to show that I’m not merely a scientistically minded logician, I bought a volume of Alasdair MacIntyre’s essays which look, erm, uplifting (well, for a mere £3, I thought I could do with some enlightenment). If the threatened snow holds off, I’ll return tomorrow, as they keep putting out more sale books to tempt one back. The fact that I haven’t yet got round to reading the purchases from last year’s sales of course doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm one jot …

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