Logical Options, 2

Here are the reading notes for the second session on Logical Options. These are focussed on the discussion in Section 1.5 of styles of proof for propositional logic (other than trees/semantic tableaux), namely axiomatic, natural deduction, and sequent proofs. I’ve ended up writing rather more than Bell, DeVidi and Solomon do because I found their discussion oddly patchy (for example, why introduce the idea of natural deduction proofs without at least outlining how they are usually set out, either as Fitch-style indented proofs, or classically Gentzen-style?). I’ll probably get round to editing these notes, energy and time permitting, once we’ve had the class and I get some feedback. But meanwhile, if you are involved with a similar course (as teacher or a student) you might find these notes useful. Comments welcome.

OK, that’s another small beginning of term task done. Next up, I’ve got to put together some thoughts to introduce the first seminar (for a very different bunch!) on the shorter Hodges. Gulp.

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