Another day, another logic lecture

These days, I use a data-projector for all my intro logic lectures. Mostly that works really well (I mean, compared with old-school chalk-on-the-blackboard, or fiddling about with transparencies on an OHP). Still, it can lead to new kinds of foul-ups. For a start, there can be those annoyingly distracting formal typo/thinko errors on the slides — correcting LaTeX-generated slides on the fly in lectures isn’t exactly as easy as reaching for the board rubber to smudge out the offending chalk or writing over transparencies! But worse, of course, you can suddenly realize that the slides just don’t explain clearly what you wanted to explain, and/or don’t tackle things in a sensible order, and your presentation falls to pieces in a rather conspicuous way! I managed to foul-up both ways in yesterday’s first year lecture. Grrrrrr. So annoying.

Oh well. But on the other hand I don’t have have the once common experience, e.g. when I was teaching a lot of philosophy of mind, of having a headful of objections and counter-objections to more or less anything I was saying — something I never really got comfortable with. Now, at least I believe what I am saying in lectures …

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