Cost benefit analysis

One paper, read to the Jowett Society, Oxford.

Costs. A day and a half putting the talk together (relatively quick, as the talk was about Church’s Thesis, which I’ve written about before in my Gödel book, and here on the blog), and then a couple of hours making Beamer slides for the data projector. Travel over to Oxford (never enjoyable, whichever way you go from Cambridge). Giving the talk (always anxiety making). Not me at my smoothest either as, in the event, I felt I was cramming a bit too much in. Dealing with the questions on the fly (more anxiety). Knew in advance it would be a long day by the the time the meeting was over at 6.30, so I didn’t opt to drive back that evening. But it does mean that the next day is chewed into too. Rather bleak guest room. Then the hack back the next morning.

Benefits. Always nice to walk around Oxford. And a smart question (from Bruno Whittle) which might prompt a brief footnote in the reprint of the Gödel book.

Mmmm, the benefits are sure outweighed by the costs. So why on earth do I do these sorts of things? On the whole, I think I’ll go back to my resolution to turn down all invitations except to very small workshops, which are the only occasions I tend to enjoy.

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  1. Curses! I’m so unhappy that I missed your talk! I get thousands of reminders in my inbox every day about all sorts of events that I have no interest in, but I didn’t get one for you, Peter. I’m sorry about that!

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