Gödel corrections/exercises

I’m updating the list of errors/infelicities in my Gödel book which I’ve been told about or have found myself. Thanks to those of you who both spotted typos and took the trouble to tell me about them! — and especial thanks to Peter Milne for spotting the one silly but substantive error that I’d overlooked, and to Tim Button and Bruno Whittle for discussions which I hope have led to some suggested improvements to the very last argument in the book. I hope the proposed corrections will all get made in a second printing of the book.

I’ve been a bit daunted by the self-imposed task of adding some exercises on the website to accompany the book, and — given the pressure of other work — I had rather ground to a halt. But I’ll have to get back to this, even if I only add stuff piecemeal as I think of new things, not worrying at all if for quite a while the spread of exercises remains patchy and idiosyncratic. I hope to start adding some exercises to the site in the coming few weeks.

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