Absolutely Generality again: new readers start here!

Back in December, I was blogging about the Rayo/Uzquiano volume Absolute Generality. Then other things intervened. But it is time, at last, to get back to reading the rest of the volume.

So far, I’ve said something about the papers by Fine, Glanzberg, Hellman, Lavine and McGee. I’ve just put together what I wrote, only lightly edited, into a single document here, so you don’t have to trawl back through the blog archive. As you’ll see, however, I did admit defeat with Lavine’s badly-written paper, trying to understand what he says in the end about schematic generality. I might return to that. But next up, over the next few days, we’ll take a look at Oystein Linnebo’s paper (all comments as we go along will, of course, be gratefully received).

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