Spluttering into my coffee again

Earlier than usual coffee this morning, waiting for the new Cambridge Apple Store to open for the first time around the corner. (I foolishly thought I’d be able to wander in to take a look at a real-world MacBook Air. Duh! There was a queue hundreds long waiting in line to get in. I’m geeky but I’m not that geeky yet.)

Anyway, reading the Guardian. More foolish sounding off about religion, this time by Seumas Milne.

This has been the decade of liberal rage against religion … the anti-religious evangelists are increasingly using atheism as a banner for the defence of the global liberal capitalist order and the wars fought since 2001 to assert its dominance.

Ye gods. Here, just for a start, is that well-known evangelist Richard Dawkins in full tilt “defending” the Iraq war … in the Guardian.

Later: I eventually got to the Apple Store, and got my hands on a MacBook Air. A thing of real beauty and very covetable (and somehow feels remarkably solid and sturdy in the hand, the keyboard feels lovely too, and the screen is stunning quality). Interestingly, the display desk with seven of eight of them was surrounded by groups of teenage girls (and judging by the photo booth snaps that had been left on the machines, had been for hours). Hardcore Macheads might raise their eyebrows about some of the limitation of MBA. But I suspect there are going to be a lot of style-conscious kids with indulgent parents who are going to pressing oh-so-hard for one!

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