Write a book and get rich …

Well, the annual Statement of Royalties for my Cambridge University Press books arrived this morning. I’m off to buy a Tuscan villa on the proceeds …

… or rather a meal or two. Sigh. My income per paperback copy sold of the Gödel book works out at less then 81p. One euro. So sell a hundred books and we can buy a moderately decent meal out in Italy. Brilliant.

3 thoughts on “Write a book and get rich …”

  1. At my university, they have lately made a big deal out of professor’s assigning their own published books for their classes–turning a frankly suspicious eye on this practice and ultimately instituting a tracking procedure and putting in place various constraints on it (aka hoops to jump through). All of this apparently motivated by the idea that professors are shamelessly profiteering at the expense of their students. Such patent irony. And what a way to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for writing a textbook!

  2. I’ve been disappointed that your Godel book as never, so far as I know, appeared in my local Blackwell’s (which I frequently visit).

    (Nor, btw, has the philosophy of religion book you’ve been slating.)

    I suggested that they stock a copy (of your book), but that seems to have had no effect.

    I wonder what promotional efforts CUP has made.

  3. “we can buy a moderately decent meal out in Italy. Brilliant.”

    I pity you.

    I bought the book at a Waterstone’s in London, I think. (Largely because I had downloaded & read the draft you made available).

    Bon appetit.

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