Good news re IFL?

The annual royalty statement implied that my Introduction to Formal Logic sold pretty modestly last year (I was of course an idiot to write it, given all the competition, but there you go: I wouldn’t be told!). But an e-mail from CUP today said that it had in fact sold many more than I was told, the initial big print run is almost exhausted, and there might shortly be a reprint. I won’t find out till next week now which is right, the royalty department or the editorial department: but fingers crossed (as it seems rather less likely that their central computer stock system is wrong). [Later: Ahah, both departments were right — the royalties were for 2007, and there had been a sudden surge of sales in the last couple of months. Hooray.]

That would be terrific if I do get the chance of a corrected reprint, because the first printing has some horrible typos/thinkos. Getting things sorted would make me feel a lot happier about the book.

I typeset the book myself — so yes, the printing errors were my fault entirely — in my pre-LaTeX days, using FrameMaker which only runs under OS9. Fortunately, I’ve still got a working Mac with OS9 installed, and I’ve just checked that it all seems to be running smoothly (phew). So it shouldn’t be a pain to update the files if I do get the go ahead. So here’s hoping.

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  1. That would be good. Perhaps if it is reprinted you could add some further material – the sort of thing in that Bell et al book perhaps (and adding it to the 1a course too? For some good formal questions to get stuck into.)

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