Back in Cambridge. Sigh.

So this is the borgo we’ve left behind for a while (the little white patch in the centre distance in the centre of the photo is the distant dome of the duomo in Siena, or rather its covers during restoration works). Ah well. Back in September, we hope. It has taken us a few days to re-adjust to Cambridge (which was particularly grey and damp when we returned). But the sun is out today, and the place is almost at its best, so that is cheering. Logic postings will resume here in the next day or two, now I’m back in the mood again!

Tripos results came out, both for philosophy and for maths, just as I got back, posted on the Senate House boards. It was good to see that all the names I looked for of students I thought ought to get a first were there in the right class. Justice, of course, is always done …

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