Once upon a time …

Recently, we cleared out the loft, preparatory to having some building work done. And since a couple of big boxes of vinyl records had been sitting up there untouched for a decade, we gave the lot to Oxfam (there were probably a few collectors items there, but the local shop assured me they had someone expert to sort through them).

But I did keep just one disk — not to play, but for its iconic sleeve.

I watched Jules et Jim again a year or two back on one of its occasional television outings, the first time for many years. And I found it a strange experience, feeling at such a distance from my much earlier self who once upon a time thought it so wonderful. The film perhaps wears less well than some of its era.

But one moment did magically draw me back in again, when Jeanne Moreau sings Le Tourbillon. So here she is again, especially for readers of a certain age … (And those of a sentimental disposition might enjoy this too.)

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