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It turned out that it wasn’t exactly urgent to get the revised version of my Intro to Formal Logic off to CUP when I got back from Italy. So I put it to one side to take another look at when I was less busy. I’m now working though it again. Which is just about proving worth doing, as I’m still finding little ways of clarifying a sentence here, sharpening a point there. It’s all a bit time consuming though. So this must be the last revision, and I will then force myself to let it go.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a logician/theoretical computer scientist from India, and am glad to have found a logician blogger. I shall be following you regularly from now. I have read both IFL and Godel’s Theorems, and I found them to be quite good. My question is related to the books: since you are also a Mac guy and a (La)TeX aficionado, I guess you are also interested in fonts. I noticed with pleasure that IFL uses the beautiful Sabon (though the sans-serif math font stood out a little), but I was disappointed to see the Godel book in the all-too-familiar Compter Modern. (Nothing bad about it, of course! Just that I like the more classical fonts for important works on logic :) ) Do you have a say in the matter of fonts in your books?


  2. Yes, I love Sabon. I redesigned the journal ANALYSIS when I was editing it, and chose Sabon for that too.

    The sans serif font for IFL is Myriad, and I had the multiple master version and set the weight to produce a slight “stand out” effect on purpose. It is, so to speak, an added visual marker for the contrast between formal language wffs and the surrounding meta commentary. Perhaps I overdid it?

    As to the use of fonts in IGT, that was my first serious LaTeX project, so I was feeling a bit conservative! I did use the memoir class and designed the book using the resources of that class (terrific); but I chickened out of doing fancy things with fonts as well. Maybe next time!

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