Wittgenstein’s trousers

Jeanette Winterson in yesterday’s Books supplement to The Times.

I am not an absent-minded person, and certainly not like Wittgenstein who had to summon his friends to help him fasten his braces — he couldn’t match the loops to his trouser buttons, and if left to dress unaided, went forth into Cambridge in a tweedy mass of clown clothes.

Complete bollocks of course about a notoriously fastidious and meticulous man. Which leaves me wondering first where on earth Winterson got that absurdity, and second why the supplement’s editor couldn’t be bothered to check.

2 thoughts on “Wittgenstein’s trousers”

  1. I’ve been told that insufficient interest in matters of the head very often goes hand in hand with excessive interest in matters concerning trousers. I don’t know if this is a rule to go by.

  2. She might have confused Wittgenstein with Adam Smith, who was notoriously absent-minded.

    One was Austrian and the other a Scot, one at Cambridge and the other at Edinburgh, one hot-tempered and the other quite mild, but apart from that, they’re quite similar.

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