Mediocrity and bullshit

“I have never pretended to political correctness, so I can happily abhor the sanctimonious politically correct bullshit that made the British contribution to the Olympic closing ceremony so appalling. The most dull dancing imaginable, completely unsuited in scale to the ceremony, and mismatching the Royal Ballet with (wait for it) a South London Hip-Hop ensemble and a dance group featuring able and disabled dancers. The quality produced was risible – it would not have graced a county fair, let alone the Olympics.

The PR bullshit said we were “honouring diversity”. No, we were honouring mediocrity, and then apparently honouring Hello magazine by introducing Leona Lewis and David Beckham. I think I should run in the 100 metres in 2012, thus honouring diversity by vastly increasing our representation of overweight and unhealthy middle-aged men.”

My thoughts exactly. Or rather, Craig Murray’s thoughts, but I concur wholeheartedly.

2 thoughts on “Mediocrity and bullshit”

  1. I saw Craig Murray at the book festival and Nadia in the fringe – they both deserve to do well in their new careers.

  2. And to top it off, they had the great Jimmy Page “finger”-sync his “Whole Lotta Love” solo! Such ignominy!

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