iTunes: why?

Life has been more than a bit distracting for the last few weeks. So apart from stuff that has had to be done — revising some lectures for the beginning of term, and putting together some thoughts for the first logic seminar of term — logical matters have been put on the back burner. But I hope to get back to normal service here a.s.a.p. (For a start, I need to continue working through Parsons’s book. Also, I need to think a bit over the next few weeks about the relation between set theory and category theory prompted in part by Graham Priest’s provoking remarks in Ch.2 of In Contradiction. So watch this space.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been cheering myself up with a bit of retail therapy in a very small way. In particular — given the stunning reviews — I want to get into Paul Lewis’s Beethoven cycle. Fact: Vol. 2 is £24.99 on iTunes for pretty lossy compressed files (ok on an iPod with dodgy headphones, but that’s about it); the original CDs are £9.28 including postage from Caiman via Amazon. It takes just a few minutes to import the CDs to your iPod in great quality files, and there’s no fuss about backing up as you have the originals. So exactly why would I prefer to use iTunes?

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