Travel broadens the mind …

When I was editing Analysis, I went to quite a few conferences in the line of fairly pleasurable duty, to find out what the bright young things were up to, what the hot topics were. But since then I’ve become a stay-at-home, going to a few conferences here in Cambridge, but otherwise not venturing out much. Philosophical globe-trotting for the sake of it has never much appealed. So, it’s going a bit against type to have just agreed to spend a couple of months in New Zealand next year as a Visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury. But by all accounts, the place is wonderfully welcoming to visitors, a gentle-paced sojourn in one place attracts me much more than the kind of whistle-stop tours some people delight in, and New Zealand is spectacularly beautiful. I’m beginning to look forward to it a lot.

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