Forthcoming attractions: Second Philosophy

The last few weeks, since finishing Parsons, our Wednesday reading group has been talking about Jeffrey King’s The Nature and Structure of Content. But I confess that, after three chapters, I’ve stirred up a rebellion (for I find King’s project mystifying and am at a complete loss as to what the rules of the game he thinks he is playing are). So we are going to ditch King, and move on to read Penelope Maddy’s Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method.

And I plan to comment here, section by section as I did on Parsons (at least that gets me to read the book carefully). Though I hope I finish the job rather more speedily this time. In fact, I predict I will, if I can project from my experience reading the first four chapters: for Maddy writes beautifully, with enviable clarity and style — and I guess that I’m also intellectually much more at home with her naturalism. I’m looking forward to it.

So watch this space …

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