TeX update and SyncTeX

\begin{geeky procrastination when I should be writing some Gödel lectures}

I keep the TeXShop editor updated, but the background LaTeX installation just works so smoothly that I haven’t bothered to touch it for a while. But I did today get round to uploading the MacTeX 2008 installation. The process is simplicity itself, and then the Tex Live Utility will update the update. (By the way, none of this overwrites the previous installation: you can swap back if need be, and delete the old version later when you are happy to do so.)

Who knows what other under-the-bonnet improvements there are! But the distribution now includes SyncTeX. Tell TeXShop to use this, and this seems to notably improve the synchonization between the editing window and the preview window. Worth the (small) effort of upgrading by itself.

In a TeXie mood, I also played just a bit with the rebarbatively named XeLaTeX (basically, this just adds wonderfully easy font handling to LaTeX). I might report back on this in due course.

\end{geeky procrastination when I should be writing some Gödel lectures}

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  1. I was dead impressed with XeLaTeX. But I have one bug; it doesn’t have great compatibility with the diagrams package for commutative diagrams.

    If you find a solution to this, you will be the best friend of any geek in the world!

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