An Introduction to Formal Logic

The long saga of the reprint of IFL continues, and the happy ending is in sight. At last, I went in this morning to the CUP offices to check the print-out of the revised version. Famous last words, but it looked OK. I’d forgotten just how much I’ve changed (though mostly in small ways), but I think the improvements are well worth the effort put in last summer. Their cumulative effect is to make me look with a more kindly eye on the book … until I spot some additional horror I’ve now introduced!

When the reprint comes into stock, I’ll tell the world (loudly) and then you can all adopt it for your courses/get multiple new versions for the library/buy it as birthday presents …

3 thoughts on “An Introduction to Formal Logic”

  1. Would the new version be available from CUP for a course starting in early Sept. 2009? (Hence it should be delivered by CUP to our local (university) bookstore before that date.)

    I have the original version and it is a wonderful book.

  2. I was told that the remaining few copies of the old version have been pulped, and the new version was due to come into stock on April 8th. But I haven’t yet physical proof of that by getting a copy of the reprint into my hands. I’ll post on my blog as soon as it arrives! But it certainly should be available well in time for a course starting in the autumn.

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