Recommended: Alimentum

This is only going to be of interest to locals (or those passing through Cambridge). But I warmly recommend Alimentum. The best meal out we’ve had in Cambridge, ever. By miles. In fact the best meal out since we were last in Italy. Modern euro style — fantastic quality venison, beef. Share a plate of the cheeses too before moving on to dessert. The wine was quite excellent as well, though I’m not going to say what we drank, in case that means people finish up their stock! — but let’s just say that Gambero Rosso were right about it.

Note to students: this has to be the place to get your ever-loving visiting parents to take you to, if they are used to London prices and won’t curl up in shock (though The Daughter, who has dined out a lot in London, thought Alimentum compared well with many supposedly classy London places).

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