Simpson’s SOSOA

The rather long awaited new edition of Simpson’s wonderful Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic is out with CUP.

Added: I’ve now looked at a copy in the CUP bookshop, and this is a corrected reprinting of the first-edition, without new material. So if you (or your library) already have a copy of the first edition, then just print out a copy of the corrections page and you won’t be missing anything. But the original edition had become very difficult to get hold of, so it is good to have the book back in print.

6 thoughts on “Simpson’s SOSOA”

  1. The first edition's press run was too small, and all the copies were sold before the demand was satisfied. So even a reprint of the first edition would have been welcome.

    The table of contents for the new edition looks the same as the table of contents for the old edition (or at least very close). There were a tiny number of errata in the first edition, which I suspect will be fixed in the new printing.

  2. It's hard to get because it's not of very high quality. Milton Friedman has taught us that good things will proliferate.


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