Gödel Without Tears — 1

Here, as promised, is the first of a series of lecture handouts (roughly weekly, and about twelve in all) encouragingly titled Gödel Without Tears — 1. As is the way with lecture handouts, this was dashed off at great speed, and I don’t promise that this is free of either typos or thinkos. So do please let me know of any needed corrections, or indeed of any passage which is too unclear/could do with just a little amplification. Enjoy!

Later: I’ve already replaced the first version with a slightly better one …

5 thoughts on “Gödel Without Tears — 1”

    1. ‘Wff’ means well-formed formula. Though I guess someone who hasn’t met this bit of logic jargon before will find everything in these notes tough — as I am presupposing knowledge of the sort of material that is in a serious first-level logic course.

  1. Good stuff.

    A couple of very minor things:

    In the first paragraph of section 2.1, the definition of formal axiomatized theories, the phrase "it has" should be before the "(i)" rather than after, because it should also have (ii) and (iii) in its scope.

    The final sentence of the first paragraph of section 1 reads oddly, at least to me. It's the "however" at the end that bugs me. Perhaps just leave it out?

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