Gödel Without Tears — 2

As promised, Episode 2 of Gödel Without Tears (in which we prove sufficiently strong theories are undecidable and incomplete — just like that!)

As explained, I’m writing these notes as just-after-the-event handouts for weekly lectures. And each week I’ll be checking through the previous handout (and no doubt finding small corrections to make) before I give the next lecture. So here’s the latest version of Episode 1, dated 16 October.

5 thoughts on “Gödel Without Tears — 2”

  1. Next to last sentence of next to last paragraph doesn't make sense:

    "And it takes much doing than we need to prove incompleteness by G¨del’s original method."

    Should be "And it takes as much doing as we need …" ?

  2. …as is the link to the updated Episode 1. It appears that the problem is that "logicmatters.blogspot.com" is being prepended to the otherwise correct url.

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