Gödel Without Tears — 2

As promised, Episode 2 of Gödel Without Tears (in which we prove sufficiently strong theories are undecidable and incomplete — just like that!)

As explained, I’m writing these notes as just-after-the-event handouts for weekly lectures. And each week I’ll be checking through the previous handout (and no doubt finding small corrections to make) before I give the next lecture. So here’s the latest version of Episode 1, dated 16 October.

5 thoughts on “Gödel Without Tears — 2”

  1. …as is the link to the updated Episode 1. It appears that the problem is that "logicmatters.blogspot.com" is being prepended to the otherwise correct url.

  2. Next to last sentence of next to last paragraph doesn't make sense:

    "And it takes much doing than we need to prove incompleteness by G¨del’s original method."

    Should be "And it takes as much doing as we need …" ?

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