Why Miss Jones …

It’s all been a bit serious here lately, what with Hilbert and Gödel, visits to the Louvre, and rereading Emma. But it isn’t all high culture in the Smith household. Oh no. The last couple of days we’ve been laughing out loud at the wit and wisdom of Miss Jones, reading out choice entries from her brilliant blog, and exchanging emailed snippets with Miss RumAndReason who is also an instant fan. Great fun, but with a squeeze of lemon juice.

4 thoughts on “Why Miss Jones …”

  1. Dad, have you just outed yourself as a massive Strictly fan? Wonder how many other philosophers are lurking in the wings, with spangles in their eyes…

  2. *sigh* Yet another person who doesn’t get that 10 doesn’t mean perfect in Strictly and that, to go with that, 9 does not mean “a brilliantly executed dance that just needs a little more polish”.

    Also yet another person who thinks marking should be about mistakes. (I’d like to see what she makes of figure skating. Probably she’s one of those who thinks someone who falls should never finish ahead of someone who doesn’t.)

      1. What would the point be? Is she for example making fun of those who think 9 means a brill exec dance that just needs a little more polish? Once someone goes ironic / sarcastic and so doesn’t mean what they say, it is difficult to know what they actually do mean, if anything.

        Soz, but of the humorous Strictly blog posts I’ve read, this is the one that seems the most mechanically sarcastic and the least funny.

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