Postcard from Los Angeles

Pissarro, Hermitage Garden
Hermitage Garden, Maison Rouge 1877, by Camille Pissarro

We’ve been in LA for two days now, stopping over en route to NZ. Or more exactly, we been visiting the Getty Museum for two days, pretty much from opening time to closing time. We’ve been bowled over.

The buildings, the setting, the views over the city to the sea, are breathtaking. For a collection put together relatively recently, there are some quite wonderful paintings on display (including Rembrandts and Titians). And there’s a simply fantastic, and very illuminating, special comparative exhibition of drawings by Rembrandt and his pupils.

But if we could smuggle just one picture home from the Getty, I think it would just have to be Pissarro’s moment of domestic peace in a summer garden.

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