Postcard from New Providence

Given that casinos aren’t my thing and old Nassau is half an hour away and hardly worth more than a short morning, there’s not much to do on New Providence but go to the nearby beach and then sit in the shade reading. But what’s not to like about that? For the beach is stunning (and up this end of the island deserted too). And view from the deck is pretty good too …

The unrelenting heat is perhaps not exactly conducive to settling down to serious writing: but I’ve been enjoying reading quite a bit about early twentieth century logic and the confluence of ideas which eventually leads to the emergence of model theory as a distinct area of enquiry. (Any suggestions on what else to read about the pre-history of model theory gratefully received!)

2 thoughts on “Postcard from New Providence”

  1. Not sure if this is sufficiently Urtext, but Kreisel & Krivine’s 1960/61 Univ of Paris Lectures on Model Theory, 227 pp, with some interesting historical comments in addition to Kreisel’s singular vision.

    Available in pdf if of interest.

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