Field, revised again

A few survivors are still battling through Field’s desperately ill-written Saving Truth from Paradox in a reading group here (just on the matter of writing, contrast, e.g. Scott Soames beautifully lucid book Understanding Truth). We are going to stop having got a reasonable sense of Field’s positive proposals. I think it is fair to say he isn’t carrying conviction! Clever, no doubt: but the techno-flash isn’t generating philosophical insight. It falls to me to try to introduce the last session tomorrow and reach some kind of overview. I’m struggling, so I rather doubt that many of my words of wisdom will appear here!

Just to note, however, that I have slightly revised some notes I posted here before on Ch. 4 of Field’s Saving Truth from Paradox. Not that these notes are at all exciting. But still, if they are going to be “out there”, they should at least be in a better version.

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