5-4-3-2-1 …

There are just five more lectures to go in (my segment of) this year’s 1A logic course. Which means that — after, ye gods, forty years in this game — there are only five more lectures to go in (probably) my last ever intro logic lectures.

It has to be said: it does in a way feel rather strange. But will I really miss giving them? I suspect not. I have been rather enjoying this last trip around the block. But I’ve written up and elaborated the lectures in my Intro to Formal Logic some years back, revised less than two years ago, so I hardly think I’ll be depriving the world if I don’t give the live show again. And by the time I’ve spruced up the slideshow, strutted my stuff, and recovered from the excitement, that’s two-and-a-bit hours out of my life for each lecture, and I’ve much more interesting logical things to do while I still have the energy.

So, short of some major bribery, I think this will be the end. And just when I was beginning to get the hang of it too. But that’s life …

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  1. It’s easy to be demanding since I have no real responsibilities here. But: “.. two more lectures every week, for a few weeks ..” (depending), as of October 15th. Would it provide more of an incentive if I were to purchase a second or third copy of IFL, or found more colleagues anxious to download further lectures? Many thanks.


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