Intro Logic Lectures

Here’s another helping of the overheads for my first-year logic lectures 4 to 10 this term. This is the block of seven lectures on basic propositional logic via truth-tables. I’ve already posted the links to the first three very introductory ones — though you can catch up here. The new slides are “dynamic”, revealing one bullet point at a time because there is often over-writing, or the dynamic filling-in of truth-tables etc.: for the best effect, select “View > Page Display  > Single Page” in Adobe Reader.

The overheads are there to help speed things up, rescue students from having to read my terrible blackboard writing, and to keep me on message. Needless to say, I do embroider around and about them in the live show, and throw in other remarks as the mood takes me. So the content of the overheads is pretty basic and conventional. Don’t expect wild excitements! But for what they are worth, here they are:

  1. Three Connectives
  2. Bivalence; Evaluating Propositions
  3. How to Test Arguments, a Sketch; Introducing PL
  4. Tautologies
  5. Tautological Entailment
  6. The Material Conditional; PLC
  7. ‘Only if’; The Expressive Adequacy Theorem

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