A room with a view

Well, that isn’t supposed to happen. Heavy snow in Florence before Christmas. The city cut off. The airports closed.

But there are far worse places to be forced to stay a couple more days than planned. The galleries and the churches were still open more or less when they were supposed to be; the restaurants still a delight; and our welcoming and very comfortable hotel had no problem letting us stay on a couple of days (and we indeed had the very room that was used in the film A Room With a View: here’s the Ponte Vecchio from our terrace, the day after the snow.)

There were of course other tourists still around; but we were a sprinkling among real Florence out and about doing its Christmas shopping. Even the Uffizi was quiet. Still, after six nights, you begin to suffer from visual overload, and even I find that the thought of yet another meal out begins to pall. So it was good to get back last night to an equally snowy Cambridge.

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