The Bertrand Russell Chair

That well-known website LeiterLeaks tells the world

Huw Price, Challis Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney and a two-time winner of the lucrative Australian Federation Fellowships, has been offered the Bertrand Russell Professorship in Philosophy at Cambridge University (presently held by Simon Blackburn, who will be retiring this year).  Price has written widely in philosophy of science and physics, metaphysics, and philosophy of language.

Hmmm. I thought this was all hush-hush, with things depending on the University’s further discussions (in the Cambridge system, the appointing committee makes an election, but then it is up to quite other bodies in the University to come to terms with the hoped-for appointee). So given it’s confidential still, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Oh well, all right …

Just a bit …

Let’s just say it seems to me that if Huw Price does indeed take up the offer, that will be a very good outcome for the Faculty.

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