Slides for more introductory logic lectures

I’ve somewhat belatedly put online slides for the last six of last term’s intro logic lectures. Lectures 11–13 introduce propositional trees, and lectures 14–16 introduce the language QL. Frankly, you would do much better to read my book: but since slides for previous lectures have been downloaded a surprising number of times, here’s the remainder.

2 thoughts on “Slides for more introductory logic lectures”

  1. I actually read your book (as well as looking at some slides), which I can confirm has interesting philosophical asides. But I am curious about what you think of L.T.F. Gamut’s “Logic, Language, and Meaning” and why you prefer your own book to theirs as the main introductory text for first-year logic.

    1. I’ve in my time looked at loads of elementary logic books: the co-authored Gamut book is a new one to me. A quick look, however, suggests it goes rather too fast at the beginning, and e.g. it doesn’t do logic by trees which is how we want to do things in our first year course, keeping Natural Deduction to the second year course. (Why? Because non-mathematical beginners find it easier to manipulate trees than spot proof-strategies in ND.)

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