Under reconstruction

(Friday) I’m planning, over the next day or three, to experiment with updating Logic Matters with a classier new WordPress theme. I’m so far favouring the “Tarski” theme, not just because the name seems peculiarly appropriate for a logic blog, but because it is really clean and suitable for a text-heavy site.

(Saturday) For a while, I’m afraid some navigation may not be quite optimal. But you should now mostly be able again to find what you are looking for.

(Saturday later) Huh. Have for the moment gravitated back to the new WordPress default “Twenty Ten” theme …

(Saturday evening) Beginning to aesthetically tweak the Twenty Ten theme. Most navigation restored. Wot fun!

(After midnight) This style-tweaking malarky is mildly addictive and probably already past the point of worthwhile returns. To bed …

(Sunday morning) I’ve a stable “child” of the Twenty Ten theme working which I quite like. But I’m going to be experimenting with an alternative for an hour or so (Weaver, also based on Twenty Ten).   Things could look horrible for a bit, since Weaver’s defaults are crap. But it offers ease of customization without so much digging into css files. So here goes …

Huh. Why, Mr Weaver, write a front end for customizing all kinds of things — but not the most important? Text size, line spacing, and para spacing? Back to my hand-kludged “child” theme. Now I need to get a header sorted.

(Sunday evening) Well, I still need to design a header, but I think I’ve done enough intermittent tinkering for a while. Basically the layout is a just slightly tweaked version of the new default WordPress theme; it seems to work well enough in Safari and Firefox on Macs. So if it doesn’t play nicely with your browser, then I guess you should blame WordPress or the browser. (Reads nicely on an iPad, though I say so myself!)

(Monday) Well, maybe Bauhaus austerity, no fancy header graphic, is the way to go. Right: for the moment, redesign job largely done. And marking M. Phil. essays is over too. So it’s back to thinking about ordinals … and also, at long last, back to reading Alan Weir’s book. I’ll be taking up blogging about that again next week. Watch this space!

3 thoughts on “Under reconstruction”

  1. I quite like the new format, and find the utility of the “Explore this site” entries much enhanced. It’s curious, though, that the font size is so different between Firefox and IE. This has always been the case, but not to the current extent: it used to be the IE default display was nearly too small to read under default settings, while Firefox had a Goldilocks-like “just right” feeling. With these latest formatting updates, IE’s appearance is visually correct, while that of Firefox needs modification with application of zoom-out. And even then the font becomes a bit .. ragged. I suppose these are artifacts of the browsers themselves, but it seems that, by default, the browser preference for logicmatters has become IE.


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