Belatedly lighting the candles

I’ve just noticed — looking through the archive of past posts to check that nothing has been badly messed about by the presentational update — that the first ever post here was on March 9th 2006. So I missed marking the blog’s fifth birthday.

Belatedly noticing the occasion prompted some reading back through the archive. I’m a bit alarmed to find how much I’ve read and commented on that I seem to have clean forgotten about, and amused to see how much I’ve given away one way or another about my fads and prejudices. I’m rather relieved, though, to see that I’ve ranted a bit less than I thought I might have done (one restraining factor is that really letting rip about e.g. the AHRC or the upcoming REF exercise, not to mention the local theologians, wouldn’t do me any harm but could cause various troubles for soon-to-be-ex-colleagues).

Anyway, that’s 626 posts done and counting. What started as an experiment has become a very enjoyable if somewhat sporadic habit, and occasionally a good self-imposed discipline (to make inchoate thoughts fit for blogging). So, if the fates are kind, here’s to another five years …

2 thoughts on “Belatedly lighting the candles”

  1. Congratulations, hope to see more logic and other musings in the future. 600+ posts… not too shabby! What posts have gotten the most traffic?

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