IGT, 2nd edn again — and an unofficial bribe!

As I said in a post here a couple of weeks ago, I’m negotiating with CUP about a second edition for An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems. (And if you have any suggestions/comments about what improvements you’d like to see, do please either email me, or comment here.)

Now, to kick start the process, I need to give CUP a few names of people who might advise on the (currently pretty unspecific) proposal for a new edition. So if you use (and like!) the book for teaching, and would be prepared for CUP to contact you to comment briefly, could you please email me? I’d be most grateful. [The Press do tend to pay for such help not ungenerously, in nice shiny new CUP books of your choice, not of course that you’d be swayed by that thought …]

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