Good news on 2nd edn of IGT

Good news. I’ve a contract to do a 2nd edition of my Gödel book. Not quite under the terms I’d have ideally liked, like another 50 pages, a couple of years or more to do it, and of course a humungous slice of the royalties. In fact the press want it next year, and I’ve only about another 20 pages to play with. But the discipline will be good for me, and some will think that 380 pages will be quite enough, thank you, for what’s called an ‘Introduction’. So … down to work.

Or at least, it’s back to Gödel after I’ve written the overdue review of Alan Weir’s book. Watch this space for, belatedly, a few more thoughts on that. Meanwhile, if you’ve bright ideas about how to improve the Gödel book, do let me know!

5 thoughts on “Good news on 2nd edn of <em>IGT</em>”

  1. Peter, What I really would like to see would be the equivalent of Petzold’s book about Turings paper..something like “The Annotated Godel”

    Just an idea..


    1. That’s a great idea. In fact I first say the Turing book pretty recently, and though then it would be good to do the same sort of job on the Gödel paper. But that is, indeed, a different project!

  2. I personally think that a digression on intuitionistic (Heyting) arithmetic would be interesting. Admittedly, I have no idea if it can be squeezed in with dignity – and perhaps it’s a bit too far off the original subject to be worthwhile.

  3. Well, perhaps I am just a boring completist, but what about some more details about the forty five steps to show that Prf is p.r? You are my only hope to understand the proof… (Mendelson is quite terrible)

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