TTP At long last, a short review

Very, very belatedly — and apologies for this in particular to Alan Weir — I’ve gathered together some of the thoughts from previous blog posts into a short review of Truth Through Proof. This is absurdly compressed, even though Mind are allowing me twice the normal length; and I say almost nothing in the review that I haven’t already said here (and to which Alan has responded in comments, and comments on comments …). But for what it is worth, here’s a late draft.

2 thoughts on “<em>TTP</em> At long last, a short review”

    1. Well, I’ve said something about what the project is (though also something about what seem to me to be some sticking points). If you find the project rather congenial, then you’ll want to read the book — even if you don’t like Weir’s own version, there will be parts that you might find give you useful ideas to borrow. On the other hand, if you start rather out of sympathy, then (to be frank) I don’t think the book does a clear enough job of selling the position to be likely to persuade you. I don’t at all regret the time that I (very intermittently) devoted to the book: but it didn’t work for me. Your mileage may vary!

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