Three philosophy jobs in Cambridge

Three lectureships have been advertised, and the details are here. No, this isn’t the wildly overdue expansion of the Cambridge philosophy faculty from an establishment of twelve (as it has been for thirty years). I’ve already retired, Jane Heal retires at the end of this academic year, and — as I understand it — the remaining post is an early filling of the post which falls vacant when Raymond Geuss retires shortly. Still, it does mean that in these very troubled times, the faculty shouldn’t be shrinking in the near future: so well done to those who have ensured that this is so!

I’ve not been privy to the debates about the hoped-for future shape of the faculty (and quite right too, I suppose — the retired should keep out of such things). But the faculty anyway has a good tendency to sit a bit loose to plans, and appoint the smartest people who apply. The advert certainly doesn’t rule out one of the posts being a logic-minded replacement, for which in any case there’s a particularly desperate teaching need. Great. For as we all know, logic matters.

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