IGT2 A first instalment of the second edition of my Gödel book!

As I’ve said before, CUP have agreed to publish a second edition of An Introduction to Gödel’s Theorems. Camera-ready copy is due to be sent to them rather implausibly soon, by the end of July 2012, with publication six months or so later(?). I have a slightly larger page budget, but don’t at the moment intend adding chapters covering much new material: the plan is to do what the current edition does, but do it better (and with some proofs that are currently only sketched filled out better, as the book has a larger mathematical readership than perhaps I was expecting). I also plan (at last!) to have a proper sequence of sets of exercises, but here on the web-site, as there isn’t room even in an expanded book.

OK, here then is

A first instalment of revised chapters of IGT2: Chapters 1 to 8

(these replace the current Chs 1 to 7). I’ve actually rather enjoyed doing this, and am quite pleased with the results — in particular, I think I’ve much improved the too-compressed incompleteness argument in the old Ch. 5. But I’m simultaneously also a bit cheesed off to see how much those early chapters did need improving. It all just goes to show that when you’ve finished writing a book, you should really put it in a drawer for three years until you realize what you were really trying to say, and then re-write it. You can just see your research-driven university approving of that policy, eh?

All suggestions/corrections for these revised chapters will be most gratefully received. You can put them in the comments below, though it is probably better all round to email them (my email address is at the bottom of the “About Peter Smith” page). For copyright reasons, I won’t be able to make all the revised chapters so freely available when I’ve done them: but anyone who emails comments will be put on a circulation list for future tranches of the new version.

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