Gödel’s First Theorem, continuing the story

I’ve a book review to finish, reading for a seminar to get under my belt, and other time consuming stuff waiting. So I’m going to have put aside for a week or more the continuing self-imposed task of writing notes on the expository tradition on the first theorem. But the promised Part 2 has now been been added (and some improvements made to the previous Part — in particular, I’ve improved the treatment of Kleene 1943).  The immediately next task is to backtrack and add an earlier section on the obviously missing element of Part 1, namely a discussion of the last chapter of Quine’s Mathematical Logic (1940/1951). Then it is on to the long march through a stack of post-Kleene textbooks and other discussions of Gödel.

Well, I’m (re)learning quite a bit, and I hope this will show up in various little ways in the second edition of my own book. Meanwhile, for anyone else interested, here’s the current version of the notes (a mere 33 pages).

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