LaTeX for Logicians spring cleaned

The LaTeX for Logicians pages have been a bit unloved over the last year or more. But recently, a lot of links got broken when I eventually wound up what was left of my old university web pages. And that has at last prompted the much-needed spring clean.

So over the last couple of days, I have checked and repaired (I hope!) all the external and internal links, removed a few defunct links, and added a number of new ones. I have added a new page of links to other relevant LaTeX sites. The LaTeX for Logicians Guide to Sam Buss’s bussproofs.sty has also been updated.  And there have been some aesthetic improvements.

Now it’s over to you. Let me know (by posting comments) about any links which are still broken and do please suggest new ones. Please also spread the word, especially among your graduate students. And if you have a webpage which links to the LaTeX pages make sure your link still works. Note, by the way, the pages have their own permanent URL:

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