Postcard from Cambridge

Cambridge, Midsummer Common

Sometimes, at the beginning of the academic year, Cambridge goes into a grey sulk. But this year the weather has been wonderful, and walking or cycling across the common into town has been a delight. (Note the Red Poll cattle, back grazing a few hundred yards from the centre of town, shortly no doubt to appear at the Sunday market …)

OK: back to business! Having been distracted from other projects by getting Gödel Mark II off to press, I’m slowly getting into thinking about ordinals again now I’m back from Berlin. So (although the intended book is provisionally titled Ordinals Without Sets) I’m doing an amount of set-theoretic homework. No doubt I am doing far more than I really need, somewhat painfully scraping off years of rust. But I’m sure this will be Very Good For Me (gym for the mind).

I’ve also just started to get back to that stuttering project of putting together a Teach Yourself Logic reading list, and will post the next instalment of that very shortly. Here in the meantime is an updated version of the list so far.


2 thoughts on “Postcard from Cambridge”

  1. Oooh … Ordinals without Sets sounds nice! Cannot wait for it to come out. By the way, is this before your planned Gentzen's consistency proof Without Tears?

    1. Well, the current plan is for a treatment of Gentzen’s proof to be at the end of the book as an application of what’s gone before … But who knows how things will pan out!

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