Set-theoretic excitements to come …

The Moore Library, CMS, Cambridge

My friend Thomas Forster has posted an intriguing message to the FOM list, and some readers here might be interested. He writes that he is “in the process of assembling funding for a meeting to discuss and broadcast recent developments in NF.” The evolving plan is to have some meetings next year under the auspices of the  Isaac Newton Institute (who should be able to fund board and lodging for [at least some?] visitors). Thomas continues “At this stage I envisage making a start in late March … featuring introductory material, minicourses, tutorials, continuing into early April with presentations of recent results and discussions of their implications for foundational projects more generally.” My lips are sealed, for the moment, about the set-theoretic excitements which have prompted this occasion. But watch this space. If you wish to be put on the mailing list for this event, please send an email to

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