Proof reading again …

I’m slowly working through the proof-reader’s corrections for Gödel Mark 2 (and re-reading the book carefully one last time as I go). So far, I’ve got through a quarter of the book, and CUP’s reader has found two tiny slips (one a missing space I’d spotted myself, and the other a missing ‘that’ which is arguably optional anyway). OK, the reader also sprinkles around some suggestions for altering punctuation and italicization: but so far, I’m not inclined to make any of those further changes — taking the line that there is no special reason to depart from the conventions I adopted in the first edition which satisfied another proof reader.

So two tiny errors found in the first ninety-odd pages of my submitted PDF. Extremely good, I’d say. But no, it isn’t because I’m amazingly accurate at proof-reading my own work before sending it off. Au contraire. This is very much due to that experiment a few months ago in ‘crowd-sourcing’ the preliminary proof-reading for typos and thinkos. I can only say again how very grateful I am to everyone who helped out. The experiment obviously worked: I recommend it warmly to anyone else writing a similar book.

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