So that’s done then!

So … there it is. Or rather, there it was, a print-out of Gödel Mk 2 sitting on the table, before being taken off to the CUP building today, as an electronic version was emailed. Done and dusted. I hope. Of course I was agonizing over trivia up to the very last minute. But now I’ve promised myself not to look at it again till the presses are rolling and I can do no more about it. Nor will I mention it again here until near publication day. Promise! But, on the whole, that’s been a very enjoyable writing experience, and I’m very grateful to CUP for the chance of putting together a much improved version of the book.

12 thoughts on “So that’s done then!”

  1. Is there a more precise date than ‘March 2013’ for the publication of the 2nd edition? I.e. when will I be able to walk into the CUP shop in Cambridge and acquire a copy? :)

  2. So now the next episode of teach yourself logic, or are you planning your hikeand booksinging tour around the world

    Well done anyway

    1. The book on the ordinals? The countdown has started; I just hope it’s a reasonable ordinal we’re counting down…

  3. Well done Peter! Were I in town, I would pop over with a couple of bottles of the best champagne in Cambridge, to help launch the new edition. To which I would add two dozen jelly donuts on special order from Fitzbillies. Not quite an Austrian salute, but close.

      1. Let’s not rush into this menu planning. Shouldn’t we pick the food first? Unless, of course, the Barolo has been waiting for this occasion, in which case you might whip up a boar stew. And perhaps that only after a first course accompanied by some crisp Austrian white (a nod to Gödel).
        And then an Islay malt.
        Or so say I.

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