IGT2: a spotter’s guide

So here’s how to spot IGT2 out in the wild, lurking shyly on the bookseller’s shelves, trying to hide its gaudy plumage … Distinctive yellow flashes, and quite a bright blue-green spine with white markings. Multi-coloured on the front. Thought you’d like to see.

OK folks: you just know you want one for yourself. Cambridge locals will find it already in the CUP bookshop (and can get 20% off the official price of £19.99 for the pbk, with their uni card). Amazon UK has it for 12% off and free delivery. Amazon USA has a rather more measly discount, and you’ll have to wait a few weeks for the book to arrive across the Atlantic. But it is still a bargain for a book that weighs in at xvi + 388 larger format pages, and even contains some timeless truths.

Now I’ve just got to finish  getting all the exercises up on the website …

2 thoughts on “IGT2: a spotter’s guide”

  1. I received a (somewhat bent and battered) copy from Amazon UK today. On their website, it alternates between occasional “In stock” moments and a more common “Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 weeks”; however, most of the usual places that sell via Amazon (The Book Depository, Speedyhen, etc) have it in stock, often for a bit less than Amazon’s price. I haven’t seen a copy in an actual shop yet, though.

    1. It is so annoying when a book arrives crumpled from Amazon, but not so badly damaged that you think it worth bothering to go through the palaver of sending it back and asking for a replacement … Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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