IGT2 … and now available as an ebook

IGT2 is now available from here as an ebook (don’t ask me why it should be a trifle more expensive that the UK paperback … publishers’ pricing policies for e-editions generally is a mystery). Anyway, according to info on the site, with the appropriate app, the Abobe ebook works on iPad and Android tablets, Kindle Fire, Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and any other device that will run Adobe Digital Editions.

I’ll be interested to hear from anyone who buys this version about how well the e-version has been done. I assume it should be pretty closely related to the PDF I sent for printing. I originally sent the publishers a version with internal live-links (for cross-references) so I hope those have been preserved.

Anyway, for all you who desperately want to be able to read IGT2 any time, any place, when you have your iPad, MacBook Air, or some lesser device to hand (and why wouldn’t you?), your dearest wish has now been granted …

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