TYL, #18: another update for the Teach Yourself Logic Guide

After a bit of a hiatus, there’s now another update for the Teach Yourself Logic Guide. So here is Version 9.3 of the Guide (pp. iii +  68).  Once more, do spread the word to anyone you think might have use for it.

And by the way, there’s a stable URL for the page which always links to the latest version, http://logicmatters.net/students/tyl/, which you can use in reading lists, or on your website’s resources page  for graduate students, etc.

The main new addition is a two-page overview of Peter Hinman’s blockbuster, Fundamentals of Mathematical Logic. But there are a couple of other additional reviews in the Big Books appendix, and as always there has also been some minor tinkering throughout.

The previous version from 1 September has been downloaded over 2500 times in ten weeks.  As I’ve said before, I’m therefore encouraged to continue occasionally revising and expanding the Guide as people seem to be finding it useful.  So keep watching this space …

1 thought on “TYL, #18: another update for the Teach Yourself Logic Guide”

  1. I think it’s great to have a guide like this that covers so many books, fits them into the larger picture, and is written from a consistent point of view. It’s led me to some interesting books as well.

    I’m wondering what’s happened to the description of Keith Devlin’s The Joy of Sets which I thought was part of the Guide. A quick search shows that it was in version 4, and was described more enthusiastically in an earlier blog post: https://logicmatters.net/2008/04/the-joy-of-the-joy-of-sets/

    You may just want to limit the number of books you cover, but I think it could be worth including, since it goes into some topics that other books don’t and approaches some things in a different way.

    Perhaps it fell between the “beginning” and “serious” set theory stools, when they were separated?

    A detail: on p 33, you don’t mention that there’s now more about Shawn Hedman’s book in the appendix.

    BTW, I am disappointed to find that the very affordable, revised edition of Judith Roitman’s Introduction to Modern Set Theory seems to have gone back out of print. However, it is available as a .pdf file on her page, here: http://www.math.ku.edu/~roitman/

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