Intro to Formal Logic: seventh time lucky?

My Introduction to Formal Logic was published in 2003, and CUP’s initial print run was rather large, so I didn’t get the chance to correct the inevitable typos and thinkos until a reprint in 2009. By that time, needless to say, there were quite a few little presentational things I wanted to change, so I slipped in a load of minor rewritings too. This revised version has been reprinted a number of times. (Oh yes, but of course, I’m making an absolute fortune …)

Along the way, Joseph Jedwab kindly sent me an embarrassingly long list of further errors in the revised printings (I have to put my hand up to having introduced quite a number of these in making the “improvements” in the second printing: thankfully, they were nearly all minor typos). Eventually I had the opportunity to make the needed further corrections, and I’ve just picked up the seventh printing from CUP bookshop. I hope this latest version is a heck of a lot cleaner than the previous ones. Fingers crossed.

A revised printing is not a new edition with a new ISBN, so I’m afraid you can’t put in a bookshop request for the seventh printing and be guaranteed to get one. But eventually the new version will propagate through the distribution system, and jolly good it is too. Or at any rate, reading through while making corrections and looking for any that Joseph Jedwab had missed (none, as far as I could find), I found I didn’t actually hate the book. Distance lends enchantment, eh?

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  1. I noticed a problem in some copies of the 8th printing: the text on page 292 was printed too high. It looked like at least one line was missing at the top, but it was hard to be sure.

    (I think it was p 292. I found it by looking up Konig’s Lemma.)

    I don’t know how widespread the problem is, but all of the copies in the shop had it.

    The rest of the pages seemed ok, but I didn’t look carefully, page by page.

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